once i lived just for myself,  i never thought of no one else     darkness came and shadows crept,  my angels turned away and wept    how i wallowed in my sins,  i swore i never would repent,    time and money both were spent, destroying the innocent                                                                                                                                     caught the last train from that town, before i left i burned it down    swore i'd turn my life around, and find myself some higher ground    sold all of the things i owned, and payed off any debts i owed    free and clear to now behold, the destiny that was foretold                                                                                                                         camped outside of bethlehem, cause there was no room at the inn    cold outside but warm within, when i was born they called me him    came up with a tale to tell,  of life and death heaven and hell,    one rose up but one just fell,  which one will reveal himself                                                                                                                            render me, render me, no more shelter i will seek    holes are in my hands and feet,  render me oh render me