poetry in motion

poetry in motion, right before our eyes,  swimming in this ocean, was such a sweet surprise,  right here in this moment, we all realize,  if we get the notion, we can create paradise                 create paradise                delete all your hatred, and backspace all your lies,  forward all that's sacred, re-format your hard drive,  back it up to magic clouds, that live up in the sky,  everything leads up till now, so what will you decide,                what will you decide                poetry in motion, right before our eyes

buzzard and crow

heard the buzzard say to the crow,  hangman gonna swing the rope,  let's go,  lets go                magnolia in the air,  little whispers everywhere,  don't care,  i don't care       momma told me honestly,  nothing good ever come of me,  i see,  now i see                said i was not like the rest,  in his house i'm just a guest,  no rest,  no rest                   the crow was there and the buzzard too,  knew just what they was gonna do,  it's true,  it's true                tried to hide but no escape,  followed me most everyplace,  no grace,  no grace                held the fiddle up to my chest,  played my last earthly request,  confess,  i guess                drifted off to a land of dreams,  heard a song so soft and sweet,  complete,  complete                                    the crowd that gathered to watch me swing,  is just as guilty as i'll ever be,  there's just one thing left to take from me,  so tie the knot, and set me free/put me to sleep

daniel and the lions den

down in babylon, a man named darius was king,  he brought daniel before him,  and called on him to lead        all his counrymen were driven mad with jealousy,  they plotted and conspired,  and they lied as to deceive